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DOWNLOADS Liveries for MS Flight Simulator 2020

Flight Management System

Learn how to use the FMC correctly in a relaxed environment with very experienced and friendly pilots. We practice cold and dark starts in big airliners and use the FMC frequently, this really brings the simulator to life and teaches you so much about real world flying.

Navigation Systems

Whether flying in poor or favourable conditions, learn to navigate safely with us. We fly many IFR & VFR trips in small aircraft and will often use charts to plot our course. Many of the flights we do are planned in advance and available to download ready to use in the simulator.

Tailored to you

If you're new to flight simulators, a casual sim pilot or very experienced, you will find something within our community that suits you. You will receive all the help you need if and when you need it, but if you have experience in certain areas you will certainly be able to share your knowledge with us!


Our community love having fun! We love flying together and have a good laugh chatting on our Discord channel. We take flying on flight simulators seriously, but thankfully we don't take ourselves too seriously! Come and enjoy the skies with us.

Training Schedule - WIP

Our community enjoys flying many different types of aircraft, small single engine props to big jets.


With various tours and events being held and planned there is something for every kind of pilot.


A British Virtual Group has over 25,000 schedules!

Like the sound of a fun filled time with like minded pilots? Then sign up and we will have you airborne in no time at all!


Our open skies policy allows you the freedom of the skies with very few rules to follow.

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