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We have 8 Ranks, starting from P0 - FSAirlines Trainee through to P7 - Fleet Manager.
P1 to P6 mirror the FSAirlines Ranking System, so if you join ABVG from another Virtual Airline (VA) you will continue your career with the rank that FSAirlines has given you.

Our system is fully automated so you do not have to wait around for one of our CEO's to promote you.


If you are not already at Sywell EGBK, you will need to get there by Buying a Ticket.

To do this, login to FSAirlines Crew Center, under the heading Personal on the left side of the screen click Book Flight, then under Options on the right side of the screen click Buy Ticket. Here you can now enter EGBK in the ICAO-Code box and click Buy Ticket then continue.




Click Book Flight

Select one of the TRAINER flights and choose the aircraft you want to fly with. Click Continue and this take you to the Briefing Document.

Optional download of the ABVG Cessna 172 Livery for Flight Simulator 2020 can be found here



Now start your simulator.

Enter your flight plan starting from a gate, and click Fly. Note: some ICAO codes differ between sims.



Once the simulator has started and you're at your chosen gate, start the FSAirlines Client.



For first time use click Options and select the following:



Automatic login at startup On

Aircraft Fueling Method | Simple

Play Sounds Your Choice

FS interface | Automatic

Flight monitor tracking On

Disable text in FS Your Choice

Disable minor penalties Off

Enable autosave (beta) | None

Click Save Changes.


Check your briefing document on FSAirlines and look for the Estimated Fuel. Make a mental note of it as we suggest adding 20% more in the FSAirlines Client as a safety measure.


Click Fly on the FSAirlines Client and add about 20% more fuel than the estimated fuel you took a note of in the briefing document. The aircraft you have chosen to fly may already have fuel in, this will need to be deducted from the initial fuel, highlight the additional fuel box and enter the required amount. If your calculation produces a minus figure, then enter 0.

Click Fuel Up! Confirm Flight, then click Fly! You may now start your flight.


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